Shane’s story

May 2008

“I have been a client of David Cooke at IGB Insurance Broker Group since the early 1990s. He has managed a package of insurances designed to protect the interests of my family and myself in the event of a major trauma which resulted in me losing the ability to work, or worse.

I have asked him to review these from time to time, to ensure I was getting the best value for money. Despite the comfort of having these in place, they can be expensive and I have also queried the need to have them at all. I frequently told David I was bulletproof, having always enjoyed excellent health.

Until August of last year, when I was diagnosed with cancer of the colon. The treatment started almost immediately and has involved courses of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, surgery to remove the tumor, and follow up chemotherapy.

It has not been possible to work throughout this period. In fact, not having to work has taken a load off my mind and allowed me to get on with the treatment and recovery process.

The insurance policies have also protected my assets. I would have had to sell off significant assets had I not been insured. At this time I can do without the stress of selling properties.

The policies I have are:-

  • Health insurance covering major trauma which has allowed me to take advantage of private treatment where necessary.
  • Trauma cover which gave me a lump sum payment on the diagnosis of cancer
  • Income replacement insurance which has maintained a level of income through the treatment process

I’m grateful to David Cooke for recommending a sensible insurance package and for always being prepared to listen to me and change if necessary.

I am also grateful for his support; while his willingness to assist with communication with the insurance companies has greatly alleviated potential stress at what is a difficult time for all my family.

The package I have in place has taken the pressure off financially, and allowed me to get on with treatment while minimising the financial stress.”

Shane Kelly

Rothesay Bay
North Shore